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  Guangzhou Marine Geological Survey (GMGS), under the direct control of China Geological Survey, Ministry of Land and Resources, is a comprehensive scientific institution which conducts national basic, strategic and public beneficial investigation and research of marine geology. Its predecessor was Marine Geological Scientific Research Institute of Geological Ministry which was founded on December 24th, 1963, Nan Jing.
   Closely around the theme of marine resources, environment, rights and interests, GMGS sticks to geological prospecting and has made great achievement in the field such as oil gas resources survey, marine engineering geology, disaster geological survey, scientific survey of ocean geology, scientific survey of the South Pole, new energy investigation (gas hydrate) and marine high-tech. We have found and delimitated a batch of large-scale petroliferous basins which includes the Beibu-Gulf, Pear River Estuary, Wan’an and Zengmu. In 1976, we found high yield industrial oil flow in the Pearl River Basin after the first drilling and made great breakthrough in gas oil exploration of the South China Sea. We delimitated the polymetallic nodule mining area of 75,000 square kilometers in the ocean floor of Eastern Pacific, which makes China the fifth pioneering country with polymetallic nodule resource in international waters after India, Soviet Union, France and Japan. We initiated 1:200000 map oceaneering geological surveys and provided basic materials of environmental engineering for large scale gas oil exploration of the South China Sea.
   In recent ten years, based on advanced technology, GMGS actively explores new areas of marine geology. In 2007, we successfully made the first drilling in Shenhu area of the South China Sea and got the sample of gas hydrate thus made great breakthrough in the investigation and evaluation of new energy. We carried out a new round of prospective evaluation on oil gas in the northern slope of the South China Sea and the Yellow Sea and discovered a batch of geological formation that is conducive to oil gas accumulation. We launched the 1:1 million map of the South China Sea marine regional geological survey and provided basic materials for national marine economic development, marine planning as well as the protection of marine sovereignty.
   In the past 40 years, with the hard work of all the geologists, GMGS realized its great goals of “surveying all the Chinese seas, sailing into the Pacific Ocean and landing on the Antarctic Continent”. We have submitted a batch of geological surveys and scientific achievement with advanced level both at home and abroad and been awarded hundreds of honors at country, province and ministry level. GMGS is hailed as “a strong force in China’s marine geological survey”. We have got many awards such as “National Pioneering Marine Geological Unit”, “Ministerial Advanced Group”, “Advanced Unit of Guangdong Province”, “Advanced Unit of the New Round National Oil Gas evaluation”, “Excellent Group for the Implementation of National Science and Technology Plan” and etc.
   At present, GMGS has nearly 800 staff members, among which 540 are professionals with different majors; 141 are professional technical personnel with senior qualified certification (including 45 professors). 1 is academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering; 5 have got “Li Siguang Geological Science Award”; 1 has awarded“Huang Jiqing Youth Geological Science Award”; 1 has got “the Golden Hammer Award of Youth Geological Society of China” while 2 have awarded “the Silver Hammer Award Geological Society of China”. Besides, there are 2 people been selected in the “New Century Talents Project” on national level; 27 people receive special government allowance from State Council. We have 5 survey vessels for geological, geophysical research and drilling. They can fulfill many different requirements for off-shore geophysical, geological and mineral resources exploration and investigation. The existing marine geological survey methods could all meet the requirements for investigations in High Ocean, offshore, oil gas, marine geology and oceaneering. The newly-built Hai Yang Liu Hao is a comprehensive geological and geophysical vessel with the finest equipments and most completed facilities in China at present. With class-A certificate in marine geological survey, experiment testing and marine mapping and other certificate such as DOC and SMC, Hai Yang Liu Hao is capable of undertaking major high-tech task of marine resources investigation, mineral resources exploration and evaluation and developing marine geological science.
   GMGS has been actively engaged in scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation with other scientific institutions both at home and abroad. For example, we have carried out fruitful and diverse forms of cooperation with 12 countries including the U.S, Germany and Russia as well as organizations like UNDP, IOM, CCOP, SOPEC, etc. We completed many projects such as the investigation of international submarine cable route, engineering investigation of Guangdong first and second nuclear power station, Hong Kong sewage disposal project, Niigata and Tsushima Strait survey, Sudan harbor renovation, Zhuhai Lingdingyang Bridge, sea-crossing bridge of Qiongzhou Strait and deepwater oil gas well site. As a result, we gained significant social and economic value.
   21st century is the ocean age for overall exploration of ocean. The importance of public beneficial and basic marine geology work has already received general attention and recognition. GMGS will work in accordance to the development direction of “efficient work, fine equipment, professional and comprehensive, high level and face to the global” and tries to build a marine geological investigation research institute with international advanced and domestic first-class level. GMGS also commits to making greater contribution to protecting national marine sovereign rights and exploring marine territorial resources.


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